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Oracle General Interview Questions
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what is a view?

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what is primary key?

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what is foreign key?

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what is unique key?

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what is the difference between primary key & foreign key?

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Can Multiple instances be run on Single Machine???

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i wrote a pl/sql procedure. it must run every sunday 4.40 How can i schedule it with the help of dbms_jobs (or another other procedure with out creating bat file,exe file)



pls explain connect by prior with example and its real time use

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What is Index and different types of Indexes?

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what is the bitmap index?

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How you find out version of installed workflow?

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how many triggers we can create on a table

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normally database take to refresh time 2 hours. but client asked iwant to refresh with in 5 min that same database. do you have any option in BO and Oracle? explain me briefly...kavi



can anyone help me ? an index has been done on the primary key of a table. an update operation was performed on that table. now my question is 1> what abt the performance ? means faster or slower due to indexing ? 2> does the operation affect to the primary key constraint ?


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you are a universe designer and report developer in BO, what type of information you gather from client?Briefly explain plz



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What is Redo Log Buffer in Oracle?


What are the advantages of oracle 12c?


How to create a stored function in oracle?


Explain the use of inctype option in exp command.


How to load excel data sheet to oracle database


Where do we use decode and case statements?


How do I connect to oracle database?


Difference between open_form and call_form in oracle.


what are steps for interface? where is exchange rate defined in which table?


Differentiate between post-database commit and post-form commit?


Explain constraining triggers.


What is open database communication (odbc) in oracle?


How do I limit the number of rows returned by an oracle query after ordering?


Can u please explain me the Discussion on Except ,using cast like type cast. Question in the context of difference between two tables


How to assign values to data fields in record variables?