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Core Java Interview Questions
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What is operator?

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what is mutability?which one is mutable String or StringBuffer?and why?give examples of each which shows the mutability of each String or StringBuffer

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what is Thread?

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what is synchronization

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How to add two numbers with out using Arithmetic , union operators in java....? But we can use bitwise operators... but how...?

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Can we access private data outside of the class directly in java programming language? Why There is no runtime checking in java, which leads to access the private data directly outside of a class?


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What is the need to implement Serializable interface (with no methods) for objects which are to be serialized ? We can write our own functionality which writes objects to streams then why we need to implement and tell JVM that which objects can be serialized.

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why java not supproting multiple inheritance?

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what is the purpose of method overriding in java where v r completely re-defining a inherited method instead y can't v create a new method and define.If the question is very silly plz excuse me and do reply.Thank U!

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If a multi threaded Java program has started numerous number of threads, at any point in time how to know which thread is currently executing/running ?

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Why const and goto are reserved keyword in java?

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Why Wait and notify are kept in Object class although they are used only with Thread Class

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can anyone explain me the concept of autoboxing?

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what is the use of pojo (plain old java objects)? how it is interact with crystal reports? pls urgent


how to use crystal reports in java

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Can a class have 2 constructors?


Can we overload final method in java?


Explain the private protected method modifier?


What is the structure of java?


What is a class instance variable?


What is the difference between super class & sub class?


How to find the largest value from the given array.


How use .contains in java?


Which class represents the socket that both the client and server use to communicate with each other?


How to write custom exception in java?


What is the difference between a vector & an array list?


Is string an object?


Is age discrete or continuous?


What is use of map in java?


Which java ide is used the most?