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Core Java Interview Questions
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Which class is the immediate superclass of the Container class?

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Name the immediate superclass of the MenuComponent class?

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To obtain design information about an object, which class in used?

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Which containers may have a MenuBar?

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In what type of containers, Border layout is a default layout?

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Which containers use a FlowLayout as their default layout?

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Which java.util classes and interfaces support event handling?

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To set the position and size of a component, which methods are used?

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What are the allowed, non-Unicode letter characters that can be used as the first character of an identifier?

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Name the package that always imported by default?

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Who developed JScript language?

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Is Java is 100% pure OOPS? Explain?


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Why are the methods of the Math class are static?

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Does Java support multiple Inheritance?

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What are null interfaces? Give some examples?

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What is bool mean?


What are the differences between abstract class and interface?


Is void a return type?


Difference between ‘>>’ and ‘>>>’ operators in java?


What are the important features of Java 11 release?


What is super?


Differentiate between the constructors and methods in java?


Can a class be a super class and a sub-class at the same time? Give example.


What is the difference between error and an exception?


What is the final class modifier?


Can we use a default constructor of a class even if an explicit constructor is defined?


What is 16 bits called?


How many bytes is 255 characters?


What is type inference in java8?


how to convert Java project into Maven ?