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Core Java Interview Questions
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What is update method and when it is called?


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When we will use an Interface and Abstract class?

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While opening the file, what type of exceptions can be caught?

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What methods are called, When we navigate from one applet to another applet?

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How 'java' got its name and what it stands for?


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Where the CardLayout is used?

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Which Component subclass is used for drawing and painting?

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Name the method of a Container that can be used to cause a container to be laid out and redisplayed?

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Which Java operator is right associative?

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What is the method used to get the absolute value of a number?

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Name the method that is used to set a TextComponent to the read-only state?

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In what types of operations an ArithmeticException will be thrown?

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Which characters are allowed to use as the second character of an identifier, and which characters are not allowed?

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Which class has no duplicate elements?

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Which class is extended by all other classes?

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How to instantiate member inner class?


How do you convert int to char in java?


Can we execute a program without main?


Which containers use a flowlayout as their default layout in java programming?


How do you implement tree mirroring in java?


What is a pointer and does java support pointers?


What are class types in java?


Can you tell me range of byte?


How do you get length in java?


Explain the difference between association, aggregation and inheritance relationships.


What is jrmp?


What is hasnext in java?


What is an interface in java? Explain


What ide should I use for java?