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What sysoption determines where the macro facility searches a specific catalog for complied macro?



How can recruiter justified that the candidate is expert in Algorithm and datastructure for Software product development ?


How to set on/off a group of indicators in a single statement?


how many types of operating system are avaliable?



how many types of bytes are there???


What is diffrent between Method and and function in c#


what is database?how to tell 3years boy or girl by using toys?

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Difference between HTML and DHTML?


what is the software to run the GSM gate opener program


hi friends i am ravi here , i have one problem at starting at the interview that is i have my 3+ it(java) years experiance profile so if i attend the interview interviewer ased me tel me about your profile so i not able to explain because i dont knw where to start and where to end and i dont know what i should tel and what i shouldnot tel can any body please clear m doubts clearly.............please help me friends,i am awaiting for friends reply please.............


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can we extend a class having only one parameterised constructor.Suggest the process to do it.



i want to insert textbox value to sql db. i have only one text box but store four values. ple give any one give sample code in c#..


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Who is the Best SAS/Clinical Trainer in Hyderabad

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Find out the list of roles which gives access to GUI activities? thanks in advance


Find out the roles which gives access to all tables in SAP? Thanks in advance.


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What is the use of sas software? Is sas and sap are different?


what are the things i had to say in personal introduction in hr round mail me to


What is the difference between CLEAR & RESET and OPEN & CLOSE OPCOEDS(USING RPG/400).wheare we can use this?can any body tell me in real time senario with example please?


how CLR identify vb file?


When will you use shell script/Perl ahead of C/C++?


Tag for turning an image into a hyperlink is


I want sample papers for NIC Examination. Plz send them to my mail Id . Plz send it today, tomorrow i've the exam.


I have try to write a record in a TDQ from a fle.... what are the steps to do... can anybody plz come with a solution


when we use mantis? how learn mantis?


1. Write a program to create a sentence at runtime and count number of vowels in it ? 2. Write a program to get a string and to convert the 1st letter of it to uppercase ?


what is the diff bw sql direct and jdbc update can't we do select and updating operation in sql direct


What is SAP TAO? · Which Version you are using? · What is the Latest Version in SAP TAO? · What are the Advantages in SAP TAO? · What are the Patches required for SAP TAO? · What is BPT? · Difference between BPT & SAP TAO? · Which Framework using for SAP TAO? · What is CBASE? · What is the SAP TAO Architecture? · What are the Prerequisites for SAP TAO? · SAP Solution Manager Mandatory for SAP TAO 1.0? · SAP Solution Manager Mandatory for SAP TAO 2.X? · What is UI Scanner? · What is Inspector? · How many ways to Create a components using TAO 1.0? · How many ways to Create a components using TAO 2.x? · Which service pack required for SAP TAO 2.7? · What is Import/Export? · What is Consolidate?


Write a shell program to test whether a given year is leap year or not ?


How to change the color of a cell or a row in a datagrid on mouse hover using javascript/.net


What for decision coverage and modified condition decision coverage are used? Wat is the difference between them?