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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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What sysoption determines where the macro facility searches a specific catalog for complied macro?



How can recruiter justified that the candidate is expert in Algorithm and datastructure for Software product development ?


How to set on/off a group of indicators in a single statement?


how many types of operating system are avaliable?



how many types of bytes are there???


What is diffrent between Method and and function in c#


what is database?how to tell 3years boy or girl by using toys?

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Difference between HTML and DHTML?


what is the software to run the GSM gate opener program


hi friends i am ravi here , i have one problem at starting at the interview that is i have my 3+ it(java) years experiance profile so if i attend the interview interviewer ased me tel me about your profile so i not able to explain because i dont knw where to start and where to end and i dont know what i should tel and what i shouldnot tel can any body please clear m doubts clearly.............please help me friends,i am awaiting for friends reply please.............


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can we extend a class having only one parameterised constructor.Suggest the process to do it.



i want to insert textbox value to sql db. i have only one text box but store four values. ple give any one give sample code in c#..


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Who is the Best SAS/Clinical Trainer in Hyderabad

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Find out the list of roles which gives access to GUI activities? thanks in advance


Find out the roles which gives access to all tables in SAP? Thanks in advance.


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I need to fetch all rows from the table based one field value in the table and later do a condition check if the condition is true I will have to move all the rows present in the data base to output file one else if the condition is not satisfied then move all the records of that field value into another file .Please let me know how to do that


How can we develop a multi-tier application in Java?


Write a program to find duplicate number from array in minimum time complexity.


In mainframe SDSF, Can we copy the list of jobs currently executing in SDSF in to a seperate DATASET...?


How to call dll API sub routine in VB Form.


without selecting individually each field in Action Class from jsp,what is the best process to select as many as field at a time automatically from jsp page by using value object class.


how to data grid use in data bind?


I am looking for selenium RC online Training in chennai. can any one tell me the best institute


In JCl , we have COND parameter.This holds comparison code and condition.It also has only and even parameters. ex: COND((4,GE),EVEN).what the comma mean here. is that 'and' or 'or'.


Is there any standard procedure to test the application as a whole? Or How can I test complete application right from the requirement gathering?


difference between mantis and other tools?


Write a program to create a process in UNIX


what are other resources are needed for this mantis?


smal talk is pure object oriented or not?


What is abstract Method i want the exact definition and is there any possibility to declare class as abstract without any abstract methods in that class?If it is possible then tell me why and how?