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How to become a full time Model ?

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Which magazines do you read and what is your favorite magazine?


What is a Portfolio?

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i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious casting. i know there are some very important things every model must care in her bag wherever she goes. so what are this things? thanks in advance!

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how to choose a photographer?

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Who is credited with popularizing the mini skirt?

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Who invented the C20th bikini?

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What non surgical products does western society use for women to enlarge the lips and lighten wrinkles?

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At which fashion show was Naomi Campbell modelling when she slipped on her platform soles?

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What 1980s TV soap opera with a high fashion element had a global audience of over 250 million?

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Who was the 1980s and 1990s fashion icon known as the Clothes Horse Ambassadress of Fashion?

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What is a toile?

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Which shoe mostly worn by people such as ambulance and police workers became a 1970s fashion shoe?

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What was grunge?

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What is a Novak?

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What was a Beret sleeve?


What does Philip Treacy mainly design?


hai i'm abirami my age is 16 running iam very interested in modelliung iam wheatish in colour iam 40 kg and iam looking fare only all this things are possible to me to become a model? pls answer me. u can cont me on


Which British writers popularised Romantic images in women which were soon translated into romantic fashion in Britain?


What is the date of the Georgian era?


how can i b the modle is course is must 4 modling im doing job how can i b ma height 5.8smthing


Which century did the height of hairstyles grow to ridiculous proportions?


What was an early pelisse?


What was a leg of lamb sleeve known as?


In which centuries were decorative black velvet or silk patches used to cover smallpox scars?


What was a capote?


When was neo gothic influence in dress fashions at its peak?


When was Napoleon Bonaparte crowned Emperor of France? Which of his wives was great fashion leader and icon of the day?


What was an empire style dress?


What was Kashmir famous for especially in the early Regency era?