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Fashion Modelling AllOther Interview Questions
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what age are antique garments?

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What age are vintage garments?

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How long has the Miss World beauty Competition been running?

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who was the most famous American female fashion icon of the 1960s?

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What is the name of the most famous 1950s Hermes handbag?

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Who did Tom Ford design fashion for until recently?

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Which designer has a famous musician songwriter singer pop star as a father?

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What were Yuppies in the 1980s?

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What does the acronym Y U P P I E S stand for?

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which perfume advertisement cost over ?5 million to make in 2004?

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Which famous film star wrote a book about her passion for jewellery?

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Which Italian fashion designer was shot dead in the 1990s?

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What is the fibre source of cashmere fibre?

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What is the fibre source of mohair fibre?

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What is the fibre source of angora fibre?

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Explain Mass Dissemination in fashion adoption?


What was redingote?


Who was Beau Nash?


i am a model....from nigeria and i need a fashion or any modelling job....anywere on earth


who invented the new look in 1947


Which cathedral had to have its doors raised by four feet in 1776 so that gentry could enter without mishap to their coiffures?


i left my study in 2001-02 and i joined retail in 2005so wht should i answer for this gap?


What male garment did women adopt circa 1800 to prevent see- through when wearing muslim dresses?


i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious casting. i know there are some very important things every model must care in her bag wherever she goes. so what are this things? thanks in advance!


Discuss the various terms used in Fashion industry.


What was Kashmir famous for especially in the early Regency era?


When was Napoleon Bonaparte crowned Emperor of France? Which of his wives was great fashion leader and icon of the day?


In which centuries were decorative black velvet or silk patches used to cover smallpox scars?


What are the Psychological Aspects of Fashion? Explain.


Which are the different stages in fashion cycle?