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i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious
casting. i know there are some very important things every
model must care in her bag wherever she goes. so what are
this things? thanks in advance!

i'm just a beginner and i'm going to attend a serious casting. i know there are some very..

Answer / priya

At a casting you should bring

1. Your Headshot or Comp Card- Depending if the casting is
for an acting or modeling gig. If you do not have either of
these (professional), then bring a print or snapshot and
type or write your contact information on back. Sometimes
they will take a polaroid of you at the casting.

2) Your Resume

3) Pen and Paper- There may be forms to fill out, or you may
need to record further contact information.

4) ID- Some jobs require you to be a certain age, and you'll
need to prove it.

5) A Book or Magazine- Sometimes you can wait for an hour or
two before it is your turn to audition.


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