how to choose a photographer?

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Answer / priya

Avoid "portrait photographer" they often don't understand
the need of the fashion industry. See the photographer's
portfolio. check out whether it represent the style and
format your looking for? Commercial photographers might be a
good source of work! Keep that in mind. Be concerned about
photographers who seek to take nude pictures of you or
claims to be working on a swimsuit calendar. Photographers
should be professional and respectful and you should bring a
friend along. Always be cheerful, you never know when you
might get a free shoot or a free picture or an extra roll
done at no extra cost! If you bring your own clothes to the
shoot, always bring extra. If the photographer for example
like your look and decides to do an extra roll you will be
ready to benefit from it. Keep an open mind photographers
loves to do editorial shots.
Good Luck..

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Answer / guest

a photograph can be choosen based on whether it's age
seems somewhere near to mine(teenager);

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