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Architecture Design AllOther Interview Questions
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i have done BCA graduation degree,what option i can go for in architecture feild?


Can we use two data sources to connect to the database in one application.if can u provide me the explaination for this?


The main issue is suppose i have two databases and when user wants data for last 10 years data,it has to connect to one database and if user wants data for the past 1 year,it has to connect to the other that .can i create two data sources in one properties it possilbe.if so provide me the explaination.Thanks in advance.

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i m an architecture student and i would like to know the name of the most successful architect in the field of vernacular architecture from foreign.



How to plot diagram drawn in Autocad

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3. Assume a building having three floor and a lift, the lift has the following buttons: a. G (for ground floor) b. 1 (for first floor) c. 2 (for the second floor) d. 3 (for the 3rd floor) e. Stop (Stop button to stop the lift in emergency) Assume currently the lift is in the ground floor; write an algorithm for the lift to work.


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what is advantages and disadv.of e-banking.


data retrival is faster when we use PPI in a table. But my question is is PPI affects the Multiload performence my any chance?


is profit a liability for an organisation if yes why if no why


How to attend eye testing & tell me about your self,


What is difference between Stracture of DBMS & Architecture of DBMS


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How to represent -67 in Hexadecimal?


which shape that can't draw in 3 dimension without shading the shape.CONDITION without shading.

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Who is responsible for territory? can you please help me in getting the answer for this


what is the difference between R/3 Internet sales and CRM Internet sales?can a plant be assigned to multiple company codes?can a sales org. be assigned?


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Means of interrupt in cpu operations?


Is there any symbolic or cultural significance behind the structure of the buildings you are observing?


Dear Sir, I got 90kilowat and 3 face for my house.So which cable is the best for my home main line. Thanks Bashir Ahmed e-mail:


how much steel bar required for 1 sqm area


give me details about EPBX system


what are the thump rules of taking BOQ of building construction?nallaPERUMAL 9003858728.


In informatica by using filter tranformation what is the filter condition to display for the single id empno


I am Planning to Contruct a floor appartment on my own thro a Contractor . How to estimate the Constrction Cost , to negociate with the Contractor.


describe an achievement highlighting your approach to a problem you faced as well as the solution you developed


what is CEPT and ETSI for telecom?


Density of plasterboard 15 mm


what so you want to work?


what is hvac?


how much steel required for 1 sq area for swimmin pool construcion


How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work?