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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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What is Pettycash book ? What ledgers should i make in Tally 7.2 ?


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treatment of P&L A/c 's balance in trial balance and balancesheet

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Which Entries comes in Receipts & which entries in Payments,any payment & Income is received through cheque that entries will appear in it or we have to pass it in journal.

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what is IPO

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What is the treatment of Capital Work in Progress as per the International Accounting Standards.


What is Suspense A/c.?

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what is the entry for accumulated depreciation?n why it is used?when it is necessary?

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what is sox? why it is used?

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what is the entry for accumulated depreciation?n why it is used?when it is necessary?

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what r the types of balance sheet?

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A company acquires new taxi fleets on 1April 2006 with intention to provide services during the World Cup period and thereafter dispose the taxis .The World Cup runs for three months to 30 June 2006.The company's year end is 30 June do you account for taxis at initial recognition .


What is the difference between Debit and Credit Card?

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If a professional Musician hired for one time for Rs. 5000/-, is it compulsary to deduct the TDs from that amount?

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What is deferred revenue Expenditure.

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Un-Answered Questions { Accounting AllOther }

what do you mean by accounting?Explain the various concepts of accounting and the need for having accounting standards?




how to do the recurring entries or steps to follow that


how to calculate IT? if bank intrest:1036 , long term capital gain:448841 short term capital gain :894 , income from rent 225000, and income from other source 347478, Advance tax paid 25000,lic 101508, medicliam 6990 and tds recd.25000


why are you selecting for the controlling area same company code?


Short Answer on -----Trade mark


loss of pay for a employee when he is not having single leave bal. in his account that time what is the calculation 2) what exactly the days to be considered i.e. 26 days or 27 days i.e. to arrive at salary per day what exactly the days to be divid


What is the definition of LOSS. Give the formula if any.


Iam selected for final round of interview in IDBI bank for asst. manager post. Can any one help me in knowing what kind of questions will be asked in the interview and how should i prepair?


Have you worked with other on team endeavors


What is the meaning of Debt reconciliation and how to do debt reconciliation?


what is corporate accounting?


Short Answer on ___________Appreciation


what is Ratio Analysis ?


Apportion Rs 125000/- Nett loss among the partners A,B,C as per their sharing ratios 32%,16% and the balance to C. Pass journal entry