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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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1. what is debenture? 2.Why company will issue shares? 3. What is audit? 4. What is the role of finance department? 5. What is mutual fund?



what is balance sheet?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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In p&l account where does miscellaneous expenses comes

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what does debit and credit mean in accounting and what is its underlying concept and its treatment. in the cash book dr means receipt nad credit means payment? is it correct?

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Hi Friends, Please Help me! at the time Interview I feel very nervous, how to come out from nervous & what are question I expect for Accounts Executive level Interviews? Please Give me some suggessions, Thank U.

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what type of account appear on a post closing trial balance? a) income statement accounts b) balance sheet accounts c) cash flow accounts d) temporary owner's equity accounts

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how will you create the posting periods 3 and 5 or 5and 7?



how will you create the posting periods 3 and 5 or 5and 7?

Genpact, Wipro,

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Rent Paid Rs.12000/- (which is included for the whole year i.e Jan to Dec) and they have asked me to give Journal Entry for the Entry for the Month of Jan, Feb and March

Accenture, Genpact, Mercer,

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New emlpoyee was joined on 15th Jan and salary paid on 28th Feb amt of Rs.20000/- and asked to give the Journal entry for the Month of Jan, Fed and March (His Monthly Salary is Rs.8000/-)


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Machinery Rate is 12000/- and residual value is 2000/- and life span is 10yrs.Calculate the dep in Straight line method.


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Credit Paurchases


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Mac Purchased on 15th Jan 12000/- 30th June Machinery damaged due to Fire Accident 31st Dec received the Insurance Premium 13000/-. Pass the Journal Entry for all the above three


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what is different between expenses (direct) and direct expenses?

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shares journal entries


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your parents have lent you $20,000 to buy a car and have told you to pay it back whenever you like in conceptual framework


i have completed my MBA with finace background. am intrested to learn oracle finace.can you suggest me which are good instittues in area wise.


joint venture?


sir i'm having exp as a HR-Recruiter, now i'm willing to work in other areas of HR.Is learning of accounting courses such as (Payroll mgmt,TDS, service tax, vat, provident fund, gratuity fund, Tally ERP.9 )is necessary? if so, kindly guide me what all accounting courses i need to study to work in other areas of HR. or what are the qualifications required to work in other areas of HR? 2)one of my friend would like to know the job profile for Finance admin..


Sensitive field have been defined and customized for vendor master data. For which of the following sensitive fields will an update trigger dual control?(any 1 answer) Currency Account group IBAN VENDOR ACCOUNT NUMBER


what is automatic payment in sap fico


How does the accounting treatment of a partner's salary differ from that of an employee's salary in a partnership?


Define capital


am attend to bank exam(iob)pls send model questions


last date of tds deposit yearly,tds proforma challan


How to reconsile vendor accountswhat to add and subtract is there any standard form please get me answer


i am a mba fresher and i'm learning oracle finance.please give me ur valueble suggetions about my career in oracle finance? what r the requirements 2 get a good job in time?


Which Exchange determine Foreign ?


What is dematerialisation and its benefits?


I have been interview in next week my posting is accounts officer i have be manage with AP,AR,BRS and GL what Books i have read.