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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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I am BSC( student & I want to give the interview for account assistant/executive. what preparation is required, please tell me.

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libilities accounts come under what type of accounts(under real, nominal or personal) if its nominal, generally nominal will not come in balance sheet, why we shown in balance shhet?

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What is the rule of accounting


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wht is zero based budgetting

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why a accountatn make the bank reconcellation statement. 2. if you are only accountant for company what will you do if you come daily on job.

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in Accounts we are using provisions ? what is provisions?

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what is accounting standard?

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A check deposited in a saving account is shown as credited in clear balance in the passbook while the other check deposited next day is shown as pending clearance. Can a bank later on debit the amount of the 1st check unilaterally,once it is cleared by bank.


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Why we do show Closing Stock in under Trial Balance & not in Trial Balance

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why you want to join the banking and finance industry?


As per the accounting what do you mean by Fixed Assets?

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As per the accounting what do you mean by Fixed Assets?

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Why we are prepaparing Debtors and Creditors list for more than lessthan 6 months at the year ending?

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how do you calculates closing stock in Trading A/c

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what is the difference between debtors & sundry debtors?

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3. You are required to show the effect of each of the following changes on profit and Break-Even-Volume from the information given below: Sales 50,000 units Rs. 5.00 per unit Variable cost Rs. 3.00 per unit Fixed cost Rs. 70,000 Changes: (i) Price changes by 20%. (ii) Volume decreases to 40,000 units. (iii) Variable cost increases to Rs 3.50 per unit. (iv) Fixed cost decreases by 10%.


Explain howyou would account for the following items/situations,justifying answers by reference to the conceptual frameworks defintion and rcognition criteria. a)A trinket of sentimental value only b)You are the guarantor for your friends bank loan i) You have no reason to belive that your friend will default on the loan ii) As your friend is in serious financial dificulties,you think it is likely that he will default on the loan c)You receive 1000 shares in X Ltd,trading at $4 each,as a gift from a grateful client. d)The panoramic view of the coast from your cafes windows,which you are convinced attracts customers to your cafe


How can i prepare MIS report for Finance?


Raju put labour charges bill for Rs 65000/- You are directed to deduct 5% security deposit and 1.15% TDS from the bill. Pass journal entry for it


business sepsarate entity concepts


what is cost centre , job costing & Budget control. what is the effect of these.Explain its briefly.


How you implemented a chargeback system?


Expand BEMS


Under the accrual basis of accounting incomes are recognised at the time -------------------


Enter the following in the petty cash book, using appropriate expenditure column headings. the book is kept in the the amount of imprest system. the amount of imprest is #40,000


why may types of accounts




Short Answer on ________Adjusting Entries


Who is called consignor


What are the objectives of accounting