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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is account & what is finance


diff. between accounts & finance

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what is cash flow & what is funds flow statement

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diff between eqiuty share & preference shares

Capital IQ,

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who to culculated depriciation of fixed asstes & buildings

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what is composition vat


which is the combine entry in ERP?


What is money at call and short notice ?

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How can we calculate Goodwill of a firm?

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what is the nature of bill receivable and consignmenta/c



diff. among all version in tally as; 4.5, 5.4, 6.1, 7.2, 8.0, 9.0, 9.2,

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Since the interest rates on fixed deposits are very low as compared to the other growth oriented investment options, what are the permitted investment options that a public trust like that of a private school or small credit societies have and which are permitted by charity commissioner, Mumbai


Pls let me know how to calculate TDS n on what basis is it done

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what is the basic function of accounting?

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Q13. Journalise the following transactions: Proprietor withdrew for private use Rs.4000/- from bank and 6000/- cash. Goods Costing Rs.5000 was burnt by fire. Purchase Machinery for cash Rs.150000/- and paid Rs.2000/- on its Installation. Charge 5% Depreciation on building costing Rs.200000/- and 8% Depreciation on Furniture costing Rs.5000/-. Prepaid Salary Rs2000/- Kapil who owed us Rs20000/- become insolvent and nothing is received from his estate.




Short Answer on _________Financial accounting


If a bank lends money to FFMC's for working capital requirement, whether the Bank can have charge on the currencies FFMC deal/exchange, by way of hypothecation or is it just a clean loan.


what is your achievements?


can payorder be issued for outstation?if yes then how?should it be account payee?


You configured new asset accounting with three depreciation areas that post in real time. You need to do a partial scrapping to an asset in transaction type. How many document does the transaction create ?( any 1 answer) 1 3 4 6


When is a dedit note raised When is an expense booked


The partners agreed to take hero honda vehicle of Rams as firms vehicle by giving credit to his capital account. The vehicle was valued for Rs 65000/-Pass necessary entry


Short Answer on ________Accounts Payables


What is ABC Analysis in industrial function. hw can it s maintain ?


define bank Draft


wat is the fundamental analysys& technical analasys?and wat is the difference bewween fundamental analysys&technical analasys?


in case dedit balance of solvent partner and in case credit balance of insolvent partner what i do for accounting on dissolution of partnershio firm give me ans. as per garrner v/s murry rule


euro currency market