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what do u mean by single error and double error in accointing errors?


You have joined company yesterday then you are Appling B1 visa today. why so urgent.


Dear Sir, My qus is my co. purchase a laptop from for rs-37200 on credit Emi basis from hdfc bank. i paid every month 6200rs as a installment. so i want to know how i make a entry in tally 9. and also want to know i creat laptop ledger under fixed assets or office expenses. plz tel me soon.or mail me .


loss of pay for a employee when he is not having single leave bal. in his account that time what is the calculation 2) what exactly the days to be considered i.e. 26 days or 27 days i.e. to arrive at salary per day what exactly the days to be divid


I want to know with example of vat & Salestax


what is the document spliting?


what is joint venture?


What is functional area,trading partner in sap fico


Weather Entry tax on consumable goods purchased against CST


why should we are preparing BRS


difference between vat 47 & vat 49


how to treat accounts receivables and accounts payables in accounting. Which entries are done .


A Customer has a MNC which has a Unit in USA , All use Same Operation Chart of A/c but they also want local reporting for USA unit .What should they do ? Optons : Use Group chart of account & Group a/c no * Use Group a/c no & Alternative a/c no.2 Use Country Specific Chart of A/c


What is the working formula for Inventory turnover


How Many Points include in Mat Calculation , what is the different bitween Gross Profit & Book Profits?