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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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How the Fund flow statement is different from Cash flow statement.

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What is Balance sheet? How to know the financial position of the company in balance shhet?

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how enter service bill in the tally and what is the process of service bill. aganst service charge @ 10.3%, sercharge 2% cess 1%


A is raise a bill to B of amt. 25000/ At the time of payment B will be deduct the TDS from which rate.This bill raised first time to B By A. Trilok Sharma (Vigneshwara Developers)

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Hello everybody can you posted journal entry of this question , if mr.A give advance rent Rs.20000 for 3 month to Mr.B

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what is cost centre , job costing & Budget control. what is the effect of these.Explain its briefly.



if anybody tell me difference between DD, PO & Cheques

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which are the basic princeples of accountancy... with examples

Family Credit, Standard Bank,


ABC Co. is considering an investment with a cost of $55,000. Annual cash savings of $100,000, Present Value at %12 (ABC's discount rate) of $56,502, are expected for the next 10 years. What can we conclude? 1. ABC Co. should make the investment 2. The investment offers a 12 percent rate of return

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The cost equation y= $0 + $1.60x represents which type of cost? Variable, Fixed, or Mixed


1. Cold Ice, Inc. sells ice cream sells for $2 each. The variable costs per ice cream are $1 and the fixed overheard costs are $ 0.35. A summer camp wants to place a one-time order for 100 cone of ice cream at a price of $ 1.25 each. What is the minimum price hot dogs should be charge for this special order?


Nike,Inc. has developed a variable-overhead rate of $10 per machine hour,and estimates fixed overhead $250,000 for production up to 100,000 units per year. If the production manager estimates 9,000 machine hours for the production of 90,000 units next year, what are estimated variable-overhead costs?


what is method of deperciation?

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what is entry for baddebts.


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Assessment Year or Finanacial Year is Both are same or Different.

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What is revaluation of assets.when it occurs


what are the different causes for discrepencybetween the balance of cash book and pass book


If its is declared by auditor that business is not going concern that what journal entry will be pass?


Can I check my Vantage credit score range online?


How Many Types of Excise Duties?


What is pre-paid amount? What is post-paid amount? Explain received in advance? Explain paid in advance?


Is commodities transaction tax a permissible business expenditure? Explain


which kind of expenses or Income will come under direct expenses or Income ?


legal accounting methods to reduce profit of a partnership firm so as to reduce the tax liability?


what is debit/credit note ? what deffered income and expencess?


what are your plans after completing your MBA (or) studies ?


i have completed my MBA with finace background. am intrested to learn oracle finace.can you suggest me which are good instittues in area wise.


During Cutover Activities of New SAP Implementing Company what we have upload for Closed Fiscal year (that means Legasy to SAP ) Balance sheet or Trial Balance , What is the difference of the Both?


joint venture?


Provision of Bad Debts is made in compliance with the convention of -----------