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If i need a certification for SAP FICO or CRM. Do i have to go to a institute and pay huge sum just for a certificate.? or is there any other way, also let me know how much does it cost...?

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What are the differences among Mortgage, Pledge and Hypothecation ? please any body reply me in simple language as I have read many articals on it still I find my self anble to explain it, I always get confused. If want to tell personally please send me email or add me on Gtalk My ID is Thanks


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what is the Definition of reconciliation? / define reconciliation?

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last date of tds deposit yearly,tds proforma challan


what is the diffrent between income statement and balancesheet

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What is ratio analys ?

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The liabilty positions of 1.sole proprietor 2.Partnership 3.Company

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Traditional clasifications of accounts

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Minimum and maximum members to create the following Sole trading Partnership Private ltd co Public ltd co

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clasify assets and give examples

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What is revaluation of assets.when it occurs


i am fresher .i want job in accounts.please send me general interview questions of accounts


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Calculate Maximum allowable remuneration to working partners as for section 40b of the Income Tax Act 1. In case of professional firm'' 2. Incase of Business Firm

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how to pass journal entry or where to show forein transaction reserv in Bal sheet. pls explain basic


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proprietor pays the hotel expenses of foreign client by his icici bank credit card. and then he pays the credit card bill by canara bank current account. how to pass entries in tally for this secnario


i want know how to calculate it in payroll please mail me the percentages using there ?


what is the difference between cash flow and funds flow


cost accounting process


why gross profit transfering to profit & loss account


how to prepare the balance sheet of private ltd. company & what roll should be play by Income tax, compnay law & accounting standard in India & world.


What is Insider Trading ?


what is buy bach shares?


Is depreciation a expense or income?


You are required to show the effect of each of the following changes on profit and Break-Even-Volume from the information given below: Sales 50,000 units Rs. 5.00 per unit Variable cost Rs. 3.00 per unit Fixed cost Rs. 70,000 Changes: (i) Price changes by 20%. (ii) Volume decreases to 40,000 units. (iii) Variable cost increases to Rs 3.50 per unit. (iv) Fixed cost decreases by 10%.


What does stand for EPD,MIS? Can anyone tell me briefly n clearly about this?




Please send the clerical exam questions and answers to my mail Id


How can fictitious assets be measured or valued?


Hi, If I am placing the order in amazon on behalf of the customer who place the order in other e-commerce application in which If I mention the billing address of the customer and goods will be delivered to the customer from amazon ,and other E-commerce site will deduct their commission on the certain % and make the payment to me on some what profit at that time how should maintain my books of account..??