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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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If i need a certification for SAP FICO or CRM. Do i have to go to a institute and pay huge sum just for a certificate.? or is there any other way, also let me know how much does it cost...?

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What are the differences among Mortgage, Pledge and Hypothecation ? please any body reply me in simple language as I have read many articals on it still I find my self anble to explain it, I always get confused. If want to tell personally please send me email or add me on Gtalk My ID is Thanks


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what is the Definition of reconciliation? / define reconciliation?

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last date of tds deposit yearly,tds proforma challan


what is the diffrent between income statement and balancesheet

Cap Gemini,

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What is ratio analys ?

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The liabilty positions of 1.sole proprietor 2.Partnership 3.Company

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Traditional clasifications of accounts

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Minimum and maximum members to create the following Sole trading Partnership Private ltd co Public ltd co

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clasify assets and give examples

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What is revaluation of assets.when it occurs


i am fresher .i want job in accounts.please send me general interview questions of accounts


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Calculate Maximum allowable remuneration to working partners as for section 40b of the Income Tax Act 1. In case of professional firm'' 2. Incase of Business Firm

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how to pass journal entry or where to show forein transaction reserv in Bal sheet. pls explain basic


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what are the questions commomly asked in reuter's interview.?


let me know the minimum Accounting Heads in an accounting system


Country-Western songs emphasize three basic themes: love, prison and trucks. A survey or the local Country-Western radio station produced the following data: 12 songs about a truck driver who is in love while in prison 2 about people in prison who are not in love and do not drive trucks 8 about people who are out of prison, are not in love, and do not drive a truck 13 about a prisoner in love 28 about a person in love 18 about a truck driver in love 16 about truck drivers who are not in prison 3 about a truck driver in prison who is not in love Find the number of songs about: a) How many songs were surveyed? b) truck drivers? c) prisoners? d) truck drivers in prison? e) people not in prison? f) people not in love?


How to increase our credit rating score quickly?


What are the types of journal categories available in the Oracle AP?


What part can management policy play in the analysis of cost behaviour?


Pls Give me Solution for me. Bcz i m persuing b.a iii But now i m working in accounts . So what i do In future .


How do you avoid loss situation


business sepsarate entity concepts


What is meant by consignment


deffered tax treatment in financial statements


what is new updates in account


A specially designed interview book on interviews for accounting Jobs . Pl send your mail addresses for despatch


fridge was capital or revenue?


what is the procedure of interview question in genpact