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PS4 and Xbox One, which one is more suitable for multiplayer?

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PS4 and Xbox One, which one is more suitable for multiplayer? Excuse me, what are the specific differences between xbox one and ps4, which one is more suitable for multiplayer online games, which is better interactive? Are the Xbox Live Gold Membership Key and PSN plus+ subscription necessary for the multiplayer online service? Thank you!

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what kind of jobs will you be doing in the next one year, two years or five years?


what sort of trainings would benefit you in the next year? not just job skill but also your natural strength and personal passion


I'm a 2016 passed out B.E student from Tamilnadu.nearly 2 years.. I don't have any proper working experience.. during my interview I told to HR that "I'm a fresher n hv no work experience". He asked me the reason for that 2 years gap...how to answer this question properly .. kindly help me friends...


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hi This s mangalam.I had cleared the SBI Clerical written test.waiting for interview.Could you tell me what are documents required for interview? and what are the things i Need to prepared for interview? Kindly help me.


How The Resume Will Be....?


if known imp limit is NMT0.1% and total rs is nmt 0.5% and sample conc.is 1mg/ml.then how i will prepare 80%,100%,120% recovery solution by spiking the imp.is4 there any criteria for that.


Under which situation you need to create abstract method.


Which one of the following natural region is known as the 'Bread Basket' of the world? 1. Steppe region 2. Mediterranean region 3. Mansoon region 4. Equatorial region


who is the cricter to score century in odi is the don bradman or other then this


iam a bzc graduate with science in intermediate,completed mba and working in software for past 15 years.can i get any technical degree now?


Do IT ians welcome ECE students to software field?


------------ FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: QUESTION: What will be your outlook towards maintenance of liquid assets to ensure that then firm has adequate cash in hand to meet its obligations at all times. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: QUESTION:The present state of recession in the IT industry – as a Human Resource Manager how are you going to undertake Human Resource Planning at Macro Level to tide over this crisis? MARKETING MANAGEMENT: QUESTION:If you are working in a supermarket, what are the tools / techniques you will use in data collection?How you are going to analyse this data and market inferences? How will you finally apply your marketresearch to improve sales and win over customers? ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR: QUESTION:If you are made the campaign leader for particular party, how will you use your leadership skills to motivate your party men to ensure success of the party nominee in the elections (Focus on Individual, motivate and apply leadership style). PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT: QUESTION: How will you influence people to strive willingly for group objectives in your organisation (target based industry)? Apply your interpersonal influence through communication process towards attaining your specialized goals? PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS: QUESTION:Suppose the price of elasticity of demand for text books is two and the price of the text book is increased by 10%. By how much quantity the demands fall? Inter the result and discuss reasons for the fall of quantity demand?


Sir..which one is better of the two? Auditor or Bank P.O.. Please favour me here..


I am BSc. Maths. I gave written test for SBI clerical postand I am selected for interview. I am about to join Times group as an executive with a salary of 18000. Some people are telling me to consider SBI job as it is secured. What should I do? Please help me.


similarly boy propose girl but in this case girl propose boy?


Find out errors and Rewrite the correct code. while(c!=10); { c=1; sum=sum+a; c=c+1; }




what are fictitious assets?