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Why do you want to join Genpact?



When Dena Bank po 2017 will be held????


Can someone please give me contact details of Mr Chanchal Saxena. He has previously given advice on SAP as a career



What are the eligibility criteria for Grant of Maharatna status for PSU???

Power Grid,

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Ratnavali is the famous work of (A)Asvaghasa. (B) Sri Harsha (C)kalhan. (C) panini



Tell me about your school



I want to know about Kangra Central Cooperative Bank's Interview Questions after getting the result of KCC Bank 2017

Kangra Central Cooperative Bank KCCB,

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Which Inverter and Battery is best for home uses?

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Which are the most beautiful part of yours life ?

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Hi I worked in domino's pizza for five years from starting junior level to senior assistant manager level I left the job due to some health issues but till 8month I haven't joined in any company soo few months back I got a opportunity to work in cafe coffee day as a cafe manager But here I'm getting less salary then previous one due to I not got any job do 3rd soo long ago I joined in coffee day for less salary now I am not feeling too good to work here soo now I want to try some other job like in fashion or beauty industry but when I went for a interview The all interviewer are asked only one question like y u want to leave this current job it's not been completed three months also by working there and another critical question is y u joined such a low salary soo I was really got blank on this questions Will somebody help me out to what should I answer them and what career should I choose


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Asking questions about business, career and future from a voyance direct will work?

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What is the strong quality on u that can a company hire for this post


How does volunteering helps to enrich the resume and help to build the skills?

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What are your views regarding going on a mission humanitaire(www.mission-humanitaire-afrique.org) with shammesh?


I m employee can i describe my daily routine? I can but my daily routine is same all the day its so boring. Can anyone help me? Is there any topic to describe my routine. Thank You


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is there anyone from calcutta appeared for SBI interview.if yes plz post ur experience


Wich is the best study centare for sap fico module in hydarabad? .......urget. Plzz give me u r opinion...


i need some list of names in handicapped acheivers. where can i found? if anyone know please mail me janarthanan25@yahoo.co.in i need 5 persons of names in disabled acheivers. it is very urgent. please help me


what is meant by nearest specification limit in six sigma?


hi this is suma my blog address is http://smilysuma.blogspot.com


Sir, I have completed my BE electrical. I have 3 yearexperiencee in maintenance in different companies. I have work 11kva , 6.6 kva, 220 kva , ht and Lt side. Now I am in abudhabi. Shall I take c or A licenses. If I can please tell the procedures.


What are the seven wonders of this world?


can i know the answer for the simple question "Tell me about Yourself!".Anyone please reply me.


Tell us how do you discharge your duties in your duty post?


the key persons of jallianwalla bagh massacre? who rendered vishnu sahasranamam in the form of casettes? which associate bank of sbi already merged n wich is going to merge? founder of andhra bank? reasons for selecting the banking sector?


Why our fingers are not in equal length?


is there any company in India where you can earn money from home by doing job online


can anybody suggest me best institute for medical billing and coding in hydrabad thaks swathi


what % of education in pakistan 2011?


what is the meaning of AKALIYAT ?