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why assay by HPLC as per USP is necessary in testing if assay by potentiometry as per EP is already analysed un stability study


why the hand nails growing faster than leg nails


why ibm ? give me exact answer



What are the salient features of Regional Rural Banks in India?


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i want to start a call centre of airtel or jio. what is the whole procedure. kindly help me out.


The ration of stone,sand and cement in a concrete mixture is 6;3;1.If you have 20m^3 of concrete,what is the volume of;sand,stone and cement?

Oxbridge Academy,


Can anyone help how a 5 years experienced IT recruiter self introduction in details in an job interview


There is a 20 X 20 array. In Each row , the tallest person is called and among them, the tallest person is A. In Each column, the shortest person is called and among them, the shortest person is B. Who is taller?



What is your greatest necessities?

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What is your short term goal?

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What's your long term goal?

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What is your basic attitude to work ?


I want to know about good institute for Load runner, Jemeter & Selenium online training in Hyderabad?If anyone can tell me then it will be help for me.currently market Demand about load runner..


I want to know abouit Good institute for Loadrunner & Jemeter in Hyderabad.any one can help me.ii want to learn online training.currently market demand about load runner tools.is it a open source?


Listening: 6.0 Reading: 5.0 Writing: 4.5 Speaking: 6.0 Overall: 5.5 Can I apply for my bachelor degree in Australia


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hii,,,,i have been called for NDS interview ,,,can anyone pls post about the interview procedure and topics asked ...thanks..


which type of questions r asked in icici po interview?


4. What, and how, would you teach a group of complete beginners in a particular language?


what will be the best answer for why do you want to change?


Please Find the crieteria as below to select the academy: 1.Is this academy is government aided 2.whether they a giving training for Physical fitness and Mental aid has to be given(if possible with accombidation) 3.Nominal Fees for joining and other formalities. 4. Good coaching for optional as well as Main Subjects (Public Admin and General History along with Science and psychology) 5.Joining Formalities and Entrance Exam Scedule needed and with the academy Website is needed. If u the above details about RC Reddy and any other center means plz mail me.Any body knows the all detalis plz mail to me. mailmecuteguys@gmial.com


Whate,we can use for HPLC calibration insted of caffine?


Write a C++ program that declares an array of length N containing integers between 1 and N, determine if it contains any duplicates.


if known imp limit is NMT0.1% and total rs is nmt 0.5% and sample conc.is 1mg/ml.then how i will prepare 80%,100%,120% recovery solution by spiking the imp.is4 there any criteria for that.


what si the age limit for the voice


what is hashing and what are the various techniques of hashing?


what is the role of buying house in import-export and how does it work?


iam getting offers for back door process .form the comapanies medhasolutions,lanticsolutions,precessglobal.inc(banglore) cybate commitment 1 lakh salary 1.44per annum mind tech soft commitment 90000rs salary 1.44per annum profilent commitment 90000rs salary 1.80per annum config commitment 70000rs salary 1.20per annum v one infotech commitment 1 lakh salary 1.44per annum finch commitment 90000rs salary 1.44per annum bin soft tech commitment 1.20 lakh salary 2.40per annum impact commitment 1 lakh salary 2.44per annum jkl consol commitment 1 lakh salary 1.8 - 2.4per annum oligoi solutions commitment 1lakh 2.64 per annum plz tell me which one to beleve if any one know details plz send me msg @9885090595


i want to do ncfm certification course in kanpur plz. provide information


Hey friends! i want to know starting salary of teacher in metro cities.and eligibility for it.


hello everyone myself sumit doing b.com final please tell me various exams ,their procedure and qualification for getting jobs in excise,custom and taxtion field.