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C Interview Questions
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what will be the output of the following program, justify? #define TEST int TEST getdata() { static i; i+=10; return i; } main() { int k; k = getdata(); }

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"I LOVE MY COUNTRY" write a c program to get "COUNTRY MY LOVE I" as the output. Use any other programming language. It is not mandatory to use C.

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write a program to sum of its digit with using control structure or with out using loop. for ex: let the number is 25634 then answer will be=2+5+6+3+4=20

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what would be the output of the following prog? Justify your answer? main() { unsigned char ch; unsigned char i; ch = -255; printf("%d",ch); i = -1; printf("%d",i); }

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int x=5; printf("%d%d%d",x,x<<2,x>>2);


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how do we remove the printed character in printf statement and write next it it

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hi, which software companys will take,if d candidate's % is jst 55%?


how can i print "hello"

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difference between c and c++

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what is purpose of fflush(stdin) function

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how can i print "hello".please consider inverted commas as well.i want to print on console: "hello"


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how to compare two strings without using strcmp() function??

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how can i get the string which is having two spaces at the end.suppose the string is "Hello World ".Now at the end i have two spaces.i need to print with that spaces .

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what is the output for this question: main() { int i=1; printf("%d%d%d",i,i++,++i); }

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# define x=1+4; main() { int x; printf("%d%d",x/2,x/4); }

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Un-Answered Questions { C }

Where does the name "C" come from, anyway?


What does the && operator do in a program code?


Function calling procedures? and their differences? Why should one go for Call by Reference?


What are the different file extensions involved when programming in C?


What are the features of c language?


Explain what is a pragma?


What is const keyword in c?


What is the general form of a C program?


What is the use of header?


What is c preprocessor mean?


What is the size of enum in c?


What is #define in c?


Can you please explain the difference between strcpy() and memcpy() function?


Explain what is gets() function?


What is difference between structure and union?