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Determine the result of performing two successive block transfers into the same area of a frame buffer using the binary arith operations


Device an algorithm for weiler-atherton polygon clipping, where the clipping window can be any specified polygon


dennis ritchie invented C language in AT&T bell laboratory what is the extension of AT&T?

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Please provide question papers of NATIONAL INFORMATICS CENTRE for Scientific officer


i need all types of question paper releted to "c" and other language.


what is the output of the following program? #include void main() { float x=1.1; while(x==1.1) { printf("\n%f",x); x=x-0.1; } }

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what is the output of the following program? #include void main() { int x=4,y=3,z; z=x-- -y; printf("\n%d %d %d",x,y,z); }

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do you think its fraud or original company?


what is the output of the following code? main() { int I; I=0x10+010+10; printf("x=%x",I); } give detailed reason

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Can we include one C program into another C program if yes how?


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What is the difference between constant pointer and pointer to a constant. Give examples.


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what is the output of the following program? main() { int c[]={2,8,3,4,4,6,7,5}; int j,*p=c,*q=c; for(j=0;j<5;j++) { printf("%d",*c); ++q; } for(j=0;j<5;j++) { printf("%d",*p); ++p; } }

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what is the output of the following program? main() { int i=-1,j=-1,k=0,l=2,m; m=i++&&j++&&k++||l++; printf("%d %d %d %d %d",i,j,k,l,m); }

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In the following control structure which is faster? 1.Switch 2.If-else and which consumes more memory?

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What should not contain a header file?

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Can a function argument have default value?


What is a pragma?


What are all different types of pointers in c?


Write a program to swap two numbers without using third variable in c?


How to write a program for machine which is connected with server for that server automatically wants to catch the time for user of that machine?


What is the best organizational structure?


How is null defined in c?


explain how do you use macro?


Can the size of an array be declared at runtime?


What are the standard predefined macros?


A global variable when referred to in another file is declared as this a) local variable b) external variable c) constant d) pointers


please explain every phase in the "SDLC" in the dotnet.


What are Macros? What are its advantages and disadvantages?


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Suppose we have a table name EMP as below. We want to perform a operation in which, I want to change name ‘SMITH’ from as ‘SMITH JAIN’. Also I want to change the name of the column from ENAME to E_NAME. EMPNO ENAME JOB MGR HIREDATE SAL 7369 SMITH Coder 7902 17-DEC-80 800 7499 ALLEN SALESMAN 7698 20-FEB-81 1600 7521 WARD SALESMAN 7698 22-FEB-81 1250