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Write a program to display all the prime nos from 1 to 1000000, your code should not take time more than a minute to display all the nos.


Can you think of a logic behind the game minesweeper.


Why is it important to memset a variable, immediately after allocating memory to it ?


What is output of the following program ? main() { i = 1; printf("%d %d %d\n",i,i++,i++); }

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using for loop sum 2 number of any 4 digit number in c language


write an algorithm to display a square matrix.


How will you allocate memory to a double pointer ?

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how do you programme Carrier Sense Multiple Access


how can make variable not in registers


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what is d pitfalls of registers variables


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what is the hardware model of CFG( context free grammar)



Define a structure to store the record of library. The record must consist of at least following fields: Title, Author, Edition, Price, Publisher, and Category. -Define functions authorSearch ( ), TitleSearch ( ) and CategorySearch ( ) to search a book with respect to author, title and category. [There can be more than one book, written by one author, in one category]

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what is bitwise operator?


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what is c?


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write a program to print data of 5 five students with structures?


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show how link list can be used to repersent the following polynomial i) 5x+2


Linked list is a Linear or non linear explain if linear how it working as a non linear data structures


C program to find all possible outcomes of a dice?


Want to know how to write a C program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the total number of disk writes by MySQL.


given post order,in order construct the corresponding binary tree


code for find determinent of amatrix


What is the package for freshers(Non IIT) in amazon(hyderabad). And what is the same for those who are a contract employee.


in linking some of os executables are linking name some of them


1) There is a singing competition for children going to be conducted at a local club. Parents have been asked to arrive at least an hour before and register their children’s names with the Program Manager. Whenever a participant registers, the Program Manager has to position the name of the person in a list in alphabet order. Write a program to help the Program Manager do this by placing the name in the right place each time the Program Manger enters a name. 2) the Event Manager has to send participants to the stage to perform in the order in which they registered. Write a program that will help the Event Manager know who to call to the stage to perform. The Logic should be in Data Structures


Write a function expand(s1,s2) that expands shorthand notations like a-z in the string s1 into the equivalent complete list abc...xyz in s2 . Allow for letters of either case and digits, and be prepared to handle cases like a-b-c and a-z0-9 and -a-z. z-a:zyx......ba -1-6-:-123456- 1-9-1:123456789987654321 a-R-L:a-R...L a-b-c:abbc


can anyone please tell about the nested interrupts?


write a programe to accept any two number and check the following condition using goto state ment.if a>b,print a & find whether it is even or odd and then print.and a


Write an algorithm for implementing insertion and deletion operations in a singly linked list using arrays ?


I completed my B.tech (IT). Actually I want to develop virtual object that which will change software technology in the future. To develop virtual object what course I have to take. can I any professor to help me.


A c program to display count values from 0 to 100 and flash each digit for a secong.reset the counter after it reaches 100.use for loop,. pls guys hepl me.. :(