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C Interview Questions
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How can I find the day of the week given the date?


Why doesn't C have nested functions?

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What is the most efficient way to count the number of bits which are set in a value?

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How can I convert integers to binary or hexadecimal?

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How can I call a function, given its name as a string?

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How do I access command-line arguments?

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How can I return multiple values from a function?

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How can I invoke another program from within a C program?

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How can I access memory located at a certain address?


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How can I allocate arrays or structures bigger than 64K?

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How can I find out how much memory is available?


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How can I read a directory in a C program?

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How can I increase the allowable number of simultaneously open files?


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What's wrong with the call "fopen ("c:\newdir\file.dat", "r")"?

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Is the following code legal? struct a { int x; struct a b; }

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Un-Answered Questions { C }

Explain heap and queue.


What's the best way of making my program efficient?


Is main a keyword in c?


What is identifiers in c with examples?


Explain two-dimensional array.


Can a pointer be null?


Why c is procedure oriented?


Why are all header files not declared in every c program?


What is a null pointer in c?


Tell me can the size of an array be declared at runtime?


the maximum width of a c variable name can be a) 6 characters b) 8 characters c) 10 characters d) 20 characters


How many types of sorting are there in c?


What is the difference between procedural and declarative language?


Explain how can a program be made to print the line number where an error occurs?


How to write a program for machine which is connected with server for that server automatically wants to catch the time for user of that machine?