C Interview Questions
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How can I find the day of the week given the date?


Why doesn't C have nested functions?

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What is the most efficient way to count the number of bits which are set in a value?

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How can I convert integers to binary or hexadecimal?

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How can I call a function, given its name as a string?

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How do I access command-line arguments?

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How can I return multiple values from a function?

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How can I invoke another program from within a C program?

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How can I access memory located at a certain address?


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How can I allocate arrays or structures bigger than 64K?

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How can I find out how much memory is available?


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How can I read a directory in a C program?

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How can I increase the allowable number of simultaneously open files?


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What's wrong with the call "fopen ("c:\newdir\file.dat", "r")"?

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Is the following code legal? struct a { int x; struct a b; }

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to find the closest pair


i want to switch my career from quailty assurance engineering to development kindly guide me from which programming language its better for me to start plz refer some courses or certifications too i have an experience of 1.5 yrs in QA field.Kindly guide me


Badboy is defined who has ALL the following properties: Does not have a girlfriend and is not married. He is not more than 23 years old. The middle name should be "Singh" The last name should have more than 4 characters. The character 'a' should appear in the last name at least two times. The name of one of his brothers should be "Ram" Write a method: boolean isBadBoy(boolean hasGirlFriend , boolean isMarried, int age , String middleName , String lastName , String[] brotherName); isHaveGirlFriend is true if the person has a girlfriend isMarried is true if the person is married age is the age of the person middleName is the middle name of the person lastName is the last name of the person brotherName is the array of the names of his brothers


i have a written test for microland please give me test pattern




To print the pattern 1 2 3 4 5 10 17 18 19 6 15 24 25 20 7 14 23 22 21 8 13 12 11 10 9


C language questions for civil engineering


What is the code for 3 questions and answer check in VisualBasic.Net?


if p is a string contained in a string?


how can i write a program that prints out a box such that whenever i press any key8(coordinate number) on the keyboard, the box moves.


how logic is used


write a program to input 10 strings and compare without using strcmp() function. If the character of one string matches with the characters of another string , sort them and make it a single string ??? example:- str1="Aakash" st2="Himanshu" str="Uday" output:- Aakashimanshuday (please post the answer as quickly as possible)


In this assignment you are asked to write a multithreaded program to find the duplicates in an array of 10 million integers. The integers are between -5000,000 to 5000,000 and are generated randomly. Use 10 threads, each thread works on 1000,000 integers. Compare the time needed to accomplish the task with single thread of execution program. Do not include the time to fill the array with integers in the execution time.


Q.1 write a program to create binary tree 1 to 16 numbers? Q.2 write a program to creat a binary search tree for the member that is given by user?


How to establish connection with oracle database software from c language?