C Interview Questions
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How can I find the day of the week given the date?


Why doesn't C have nested functions?

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What is the most efficient way to count the number of bits which are set in a value?

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How can I convert integers to binary or hexadecimal?

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How can I call a function, given its name as a string?

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How do I access command-line arguments?

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How can I return multiple values from a function?

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How can I invoke another program from within a C program?

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How can I access memory located at a certain address?


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How can I allocate arrays or structures bigger than 64K?

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How can I find out how much memory is available?


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How can I read a directory in a C program?

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How can I increase the allowable number of simultaneously open files?


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What's wrong with the call "fopen ("c:\newdir\file.dat", "r")"?

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Is the following code legal? struct a { int x; struct a b; }

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write a program in C that prompts the user for today's date,tomorrow's date and display the results.Use structures for today's date,tomorrow's date and an array to hold the days for each month of the year.


how to construct a simulator keeping the logical boolean gates in c


what are the program that using a two dimensional array that list the odd numbers and even numbers separately in a given 10 inputs values


#include { printf("Hello"); } how compile time affects when we add additional header file .


write a program to create a sparse matrix using dynamic memory allocation.


Write a C/C++ program that connects to a MySQL server and checks if the InnoDB plug-in is installed on it. If so, your program should print the maximum number of concurrent threads that the InnoDB plug-in can create.


why to assign a pointer to null sometimes??how can a pointer we declare get assigned with a garbage value by default???


Read N characters in to an array . Use functions to do all problems and pass the address of array to function. 1. Print only the alphabets . If in upper case print in lower case vice versa. 2. Enter alphanumeric characters and form 2 array alphaets and digits.Also print the count of each array. 3. Find the count of a certain character. 4. Print the positions where a certain character occured. 5. Print the characters between successive array elements. 6. Find the largest and smallest charcter. How many times it each one occured. 7. Enter a certain range. Print out the array elements which occured between these range. 8. Reverse a character array without using another array. 9. Reverse an array region. 10. Replace a the array elements with it next character . Use a after z. 11. Code the array element with certain character as first alphabet. 12. Duplicate all the vowels in a character array. What is the new count. 13. Delete the vowels in a character array. What is the new array count. 14. Print the count of all characters in the array. 15. Enter n alphabets and store a upto tht charcter in array.What is the array count? 16. Sort a character array. 17. Merge 2 character arrays largearray,smallarray. 18. Find the pair with largest number of characters in between. 19. Find the numerical value of a charcter array. 20. Store n numeral characters in an arrray. Insert another numeral character in a certain position. 21. Insert a character in a sorted array. 22. Merge 2 sorted arrays in sorted fashion. 23. Duplicate the least occuring character. 24. Write a menu driven program to circular right/left shift an array of n elements. 25. Is the character array palindrome? if not make it palindrome. 26. Concatenate the first n charaters to the end of the string. 27. Print all n group of chracters which are palindrome. 28. Concatneate the reverse of last n characters to the array.


When I tried to go into a security sites I am denied access and a message appeared saying 'applet not initialize'. How can I rectify this problem.


Create a structure to specify data on students given below: Roll number, Name, Department, Course, Year of joining Assume that there are not more than 450 students in the college. 1.write a function to print names of all students who joined in a particular year 2.write a function to print the data of a student whose roll number is given


a single linked list consists of nodes a to z .print the nodes in reverse order from z to a using recursion


program to convert a integer to string in c language'


can anyone suggest some site name..where i can get some good data structure puzzles???


List the variables are used for writing doubly linked list program.


what do u mean by Direct access files? then can u explain about Direct Access Files?