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difference between loading and linking

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difference between object file and executable file


can we execute the program with the object file

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Stimulate calculator using Switch-case-default statement for two numbers



Diff between for loop and while loop?


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How to write a C program to determine the smallest among three nos using conditional operator?


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Read two numbers from keyboard and find maximum of them?

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Write a pro-gramme to determine whether the number is even or odd?

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Find the highest of three numbers and print them using ascending orders?

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Stimulate calculators to perform addition,subtraction,multiplication and division on two numbers using if/else statement?


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what is the difference between static variable and register variable?

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Example of friendly function in c++

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What is the difference between %d and %*d in C

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What is the exact difference between '\0' and ""

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#include int main() { char *str[]={"Frogs","Do","Not","Die","They","Croak!"}; printf("%d %d\n",sizeof(str),strlen(str)); ...return 0; } what will the output of the above program?

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why return type of main is not necessary in linux


Write a C program to count the number of email on text


program to find error in linklist.(i.e find whether any node point wrongly to previous nodes instead of next node)


can any one tel me wt is the question pattern for NIC exam


write a program to find out prime number using sieve case?


write a c program for swapping two strings using pointer


diff between exptected result and requirement?


List at least 10 sorting methods indicating their average case complexity, worst case complexity and best case complexity.


write a program to convert a expression in polish notation(postfix) to inline(normal) something like make 723+* (2+3) x 7 (not sure) just check out its mainly printing expression in postfix form to infix.




my project name is adulteration of chille powder.how can i explain it to the hr when he asks me about the project?


how many errors in c explain deply


how to find anagram without using string functions using only loops in c programming


void main(int n) { if(n==0) return; main(--n); printf("%d ",n); getch(); } how it work and what will be its output...............it any one know ans plz reply


Write a C program that will accept a hexadecimal number as input and then display a menu that will permit any of the following operations to be carried out: Display the hexadecimal equivalent of the one's complement. (b) Carry out a masking operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (c) Carry out a bit shifting operation and then display the hexadecimal equivalent of the result. (d) Exit. If the masking operation is selected, prompt the user lor the type of operation (bitwise and, bitwise exclusive or, or bitwise or) and then a (hexadecimal) value for the mask. If the bit shifting operation is selected. prompt the user for the type of shift (left or right), and then the number of bits. Test the program with several different (hexadecimal) input values of your own choice.