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Taxation Interview Questions
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Taxable and Exempted goods sale to pondicherry via bill no.1 and bill no.2 I received the C form for taxable bill no.1. But, C Form not received for Exempted bill no.2. It is required or not?

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C Form required for Exempted Inter-State Sales?

United Chloro Paraffin Pvt Ltd,

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If we purchase Inter -state any Plant & Machinery for Works contract for completion of a Project and later after completion of the same if we move that material to other State , Can we get "C" form against this material where we have purchased it. Is there any Notification regarding the same . In which circumstances a Works contractor can get "C" Form ? If against "C" Form a works contractor purchased the material and passed on the material via Works contract to the client whetheer Local VAt rate is also applicable on the same .

Tribeni Constructions Ltd,

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What is tha Central sales tax rate 2010 in andhrapradesh


we working a partnership firm, so how fill up tds form in company decteed or non company dectee

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We are SSI unit. Is there any procedure for the cancellation of excise invoice for excise department?

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how we calculate the tds on salary.


whether TDS is deducted on internet charges(leased line) and which section does it belong to and if it is applicable then what is the maximum exemption limit?


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Dear friends please let me know, what % of amount has deduct from vendors bill for civil supply and instollation work

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Dear friends, How can we get refund of WCT?

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verification of licence comes under professional or contract in TDS

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The company has to pay transportation charges for transporting its materials. The company has not remitted the TDS on the same within due date. Is this expenses to be disallowed in STI. This expenses is directly considered on valuation of closing stock.


If fail to deposit tds within or on 7th of next month then what will be the Interest charge?

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is it necessary to make payment to party in the same assessment year after deducting tds

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Service tax rates

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Un-Answered Questions { Taxation }

What is the value of the Budget for 2009-10


please explain what is actually E-15 what is its process and also what its importance.


What is the procedures for withdrawing of form C?


Can I know the full description about capital and revenue in nature? and also the expenses that allowed for tax and not allowed for tax?


can we do manual tds return file or r-tds is complusry? if we can do manual tds return file, where i have to go for return file. like we go to income tax department for Income tax return file in manula tds case.


How to calculate entry tax ??(In karnataka) Pls advice me complete computation details.


A Norwegian Company rents some equipment to a customer in India. The Norwegian Company does not have an office in India. The new tax regulations make in mandatory for them to furnish a PAN number without which a with holding tax will be deducted. The Norwegian company will be paying tax on this rental income in Norway. India and Norway have a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement. I wish to know 1) Is it possible for the Norweigian company to avoid the with holding tax in India?


what diff. between Account ,Commerce and Finance?


Define the term person?


What's format of CMO & CMA Data?


Sir please confirm job work sale for clothes shat d1 yes & no


Dear Sir/Mam Please send me a return under delhi vat for learning purpose Thank & Regards Sonu Kumar


what do u meant by investment banking


Please some one tell me what is the VAT or WCT rate for works contract at Tripura


which items should be covered the Entry Tax by HP Govt instead of Purchased