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Hyundai Interview Questions
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which mechanism is used to turn the vehicles?

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What is diode fuse ? How it is working?

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What is cutt off ratio in IC Engines.give proper defination.

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Hi All, I am working as a Technical executive in a MNC company and we have 1500KVA & 1250KVA T/F in our site, can you help me that how many maintenance tests can be conducted and what are the procedures included for the tests can you share yours answers and also give any web address to get more information on this

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how will calculate the winding ohmic value in 3phase motors in h.p wise? ex.10 h.p motor winding value ph to ph ? 5 h.p motor any calculation please send me.

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how does an centrifugal and screw type chiller will work. which chiller efficiency is high and why.


difference between sub cooling super heating

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What do you mean by Transformer?

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in what aspects discbrakes are better than drum brake

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whether its necessary to consider erw pipes as a seam pipe

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IN automobile engineering what is the mean of auto i think auto means cars

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