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Huawei Core Java Interview Questions
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Write program to print Hello World and print each character address in that string and print how many times each character is in that string? Ex: H: 0 & 1 e:1 & 1 l :2,3,8 & 3 o:4,6 & 2 w:5 & 1 r: 7 & 1 d 9 & 1

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Program to print 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 like that

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program to find 25 square = 625 here the 625 of last two digits is equal to 25, i don't know excatly what this type of number is called

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I was asked to draw the class diagram for the below scenario which should obey OOPS concept. A Portal is to be developed for a school , which has 3 main divisions viz , Education , Admin & Trust. Each division has 2 sub divisions Kinder Garden & Higer Secondary.

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Write a function for palindrome and factorial and explain?


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