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HPCL Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is are the main terms in Unit Operations? and what is its charecteristics?

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What are the affinity laws associated with dynamics pumps?

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plz send the interview questions in the written test asked by hindustan petroleum corporation ltd.Iam a b>tech in chemical engineering.My written test is on feb 2008.urgent plz.send the questions to

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pls send me HPCL & reliance test paper for chemical engineering.....

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an anybody provide me the HPCL apptitude papers?am having the test on this feb 27th 2008 so plz [Send This Question to Your Friend] please send me hpcl placement papers both technical and apptitude.. please

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i badly need a chemical process details for making a project...plz help me out......i m a btech final yr chemical engg student in a govt univ,and we have to make a detailed project on any chemical process with contents like...intro,kinetics , material balance,thermodynamics,process layout,process design,physical conditions,plant location,cost estimation etc.............if any one could help me i will never forget hi thankless work and always try to help u in whatever u ask.............

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respected sir,i have been selected in the written examination(CHEMICAL) of IOCL Panipat held on 30 m1rch, So please tell me which type of questions asked in this interview frequently.Can u mail me some questions?

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pls send me HPCL & reliance test paper for chemical engineering.....

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what are the precautions u are taking while starting HT motors?

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when u are walking on the road, somebody got injured by accident. what is ur immediate action.

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friends....i have been searching the model paper for HPCL officer trainee for chemical eng....tat apptitude section...if u people got any information regarding tat...please send me to my id is: send me wtever information u knew....thank u....


dear sir/madam, I had applied for the post of officer trainee so plz if u have any papers both technical or aptitude plz inform me on


I have Completed my B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from NIT Raipur, I want to prepare for HPCL Please Suggest me some books for Aptitude, Technical Questions & Please send me Previous Year Question Papers.

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I am a Diploma Chemical Engineer by Nirma Uni; and BEng (Hons) Energy & Environmental Engineer by Napier Uni; Edinburg, UK. HPCL chemical engineering test will held on 14th July,09. So, Please send me some previous chemical engineering papers Objective types Or material to give the test.


i m a frsh chemical engineer now i m confuse to attend the interview so anybody pls send model question papers to this


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HPCL Chemical Engineering Interview Questions

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