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HPCL Instrumentation Interview Questions
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diffrence b/w accuracy and precision?

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What is the difference between compensation and extension cable.

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Foe selecting control valve if i have the min,normal & max data of flow rate,inlet pressure& outlet pressure,inlet tem.&density than how can i assure that these data are correct,pl. let me know if therew there is any method to check it.& also how we assure that the Cv we get from this data is suitable for valve for controlling require flow.

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Why DP transmitters are subjected to high static pressure test of 100 bar. Though they will be used for very small pressure range

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Calibration procedure for water rotameters


How to measure density of oil in your kitchen. i.e indirectly to verify the quality of oil using min. gadgets available in the kitchen/house.

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what is the dp across a orifice plate & how much is permanent pressure across an orifice plate.

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why metallic housing is provided of solenoid valve.

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what is gas metering system? gas chromatograph? and gas compressors?


What is the formula to convert mv to temperature in k type thermocouple?pls simply elaborate? I got one is Temp=mv×25°+atmospheric temp,but here what is 25°,i confusef ,so pls????

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HPCL Instrumentation Interview Questions

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