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Alstom Interview Questions
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what is the difference between impulse and reaction turbines ?

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what is the function and use of oil filled cables specify its advantages and disadvantages

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what type of cables exsisting in the world and how many types

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My switchgear busbar is rated at 2000A and just imagine the actual load on busbar is 1000A. From that busbar there are 10 outgoing feeders. Now the question is will the load be 1000A on each outgoing feeder or 100A per outgoing feeder. 2nd thing how do i calculate the load on individual feeder. Thanks for your time. Please provide some clarification on this issue.

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What core magnetic balance test of transformer? How to do this test in a three phase Star star (star-LV, star-HV) transformer? How to measure and where to measure?

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What is conventional thermal current (Ith)


Instrument connected to a single phase supply


what is pmu

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