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Alstom Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what is repo rate?

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describe the brief rehabilitation program for GBS ?


How did you get your I-20?


I purchased a machine and finance it by bank with the amount 1900000 and bank apply the finance charge 440000 for 3 years finance how to pass this entry still machine value is 2200000 is finance charge is interest (indirect exp.) pls help me.


Describe of production processes, quality, stock control and factors internal and external that effect production within the organisation?


Compare satellite with fiber as a communication medium and enumerate the application areas where satellite still holds a niche(or special)marker.


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What Are The Characteristics Of Modern Accounting?


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how to proceed to write your first mapreducer program?


what is service tax? how its count? and why its count?


what is the difference between cash memo or  credit memo  vs invoice any legal action can be taken against cash or credit memo.


Dear Sir, We are running a security agency. Please suggest us Notification No.:15/2012 service Tax dated 17.03.12 which is effected from 01.07.12 Please suggest how to raise bill on our clients.


why we need embedded system


describe the Operation of induction generators from bus bars


Alstom Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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