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Godrej Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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check list of maintenance of transformer?

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1 Ton = ? amperes & power. How much power 1.5 TON split AC consumes in an hour at 17 C , 26 C & 28 C (thermostat' temperature).

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What is the AVR in DG & its functios

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what are the reasons of low voltage during start the DG?

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what is servo motor and how it works?


when we gave dc supply to 220v dc motor its rpm is 1200. then we gave 180v. how many rpm of its motor. gave answer with calculation at my ID....


why we use isolation transformer?

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What are the conditions to be satisfied before connecting two DC generators in parallel?

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How can I indicate rpm on digital rpm meter with help of simple tacho output? tacho output is 90v at 3000rpm.

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How to connect surge arrester with equipment?

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why DG,Transformer,UPS capacity will be tell in KVA but not in KW?

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why spark is produced in mosquito bat?and what are the ways to reduce it?

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In 63kva LT Distribution Box Why the outgoing of 63A kit kat is connected to 200 A link disconnector? as the output of kit kat is only 63 A?

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howmany electrician should maintain for a 1000 kva used plant... in kerala..


how to calculate the size of the cable for a particular rating 3phase induction motor?

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