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GMR Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is pile foundation?

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what are the mixing of M10,M15,M20,M25,M30grades?

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What is the minimum compressive strength of a brick according to IS codes ?

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what is a louer? and for which purpose it will be used.

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what is IS

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How reactor of SBR installed , is it be over ground, fully under ground or semi sunk ?


what is the ratio of cement water and sand in RCC?

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how much binding wire required per tonne slab beam columns

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what is difference between GTS bench mark and temporary bench mark


For a RCC section with congested reinforcement , what is the compaction factor

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How much depth of excavation have to do for Highrised builldings?if Raft foundation how much,and Pile foundation how much?

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In interview,if they ask what are your achievements in your career?how to answer this question?

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I dont know english very well to speak,in interview if they ask to introduce yourself means how to answer in english?

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How much area can plaster with one bag of cement?what is the size of the fuji blocks?

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How can i design the beam . Explain with one example

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