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GATE Interview Questions
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#define MAX(x,y) (x) > (y) ? (x) : (y) main() { int i = 10, j = 5, k = 0; k = MAX(i++, ++j); printf("%d %d %d", i,j,k); } what will the values of i , j and k? }

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can any one tell me that how shoul i prepere for entrance exams of psu i mean from which book i have to gone through?

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what happens if number of poles in stator and rotor windins of slip ring induction motor are not same. Will it rotate near to the synchronus speed defined by stator?

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If the rotor pf of a 3 phase induction motor is .866, then what is the phase displacement between stator and rotor magnetic field 1)30,2)120,3)150,4)90 please justify....

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If the Brsh of DC motor is shifted by 90 deg, then MNA will shift by --degree.

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Why LVDT have secondary windings connected in differential 1. Higher out put 2. Based on the out put voltage-/+, helps to identify the direction of displacement 3. To establish a null/ reference point

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voltage of a ckt is measured by volt meter having an input impedence camparable with the out put impedance of the ckt Eror caused is 1. Gross Error 2. Errors due to lloading effect

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The error in a single phase energy meter where pressure coil lags behind applied voltage by 88 degrees and pf is 1) upf 2).5lag

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what is the difference between auto tuning and manual tuning of controllers(eg:PID,PI,PD CONTROLLERS )

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sir i am senthil B.Tech Chemical Engineer which book is refer for objective type questions?

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two independent random variables x and y are uniformly distributed in the interval [-1,1].the probability that max[x,y] is less than 1/2 is a) 3/4 b)9/16 c)1/4 d)2/3

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in 4 pole lap wound dc motor one brush is disconnected then what result in new voltage if its voltage is v volts power is p watts current is i amp

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For fixed primary voltage how does secondary terminal voltage of a transformer change if the pf of inductive load is raised from 0.7 to 0.9 with load current remaining fixed ?

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what happens when ac supply is given to the dc motor and dc supply is given to the ac motor?

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when a pure dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms?? when a variable dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms??

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