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GATE Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what happens if number of poles in stator and rotor windins of slip ring induction motor are not same. Will it rotate near to the synchronus speed defined by stator?

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If the rotor pf of a 3 phase induction motor is .866, then what is the phase displacement between stator and rotor magnetic field 1)30,2)120,3)150,4)90 please justify....

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If the Brsh of DC motor is shifted by 90 deg, then MNA will shift by --degree.

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Equal resistance of 100ohm each are connected to the arms of whestons bridge, which is supplied by 2v battery. The galvanometer can sense a current low as 1microAmp. What is the smallest resistance that can be measered.

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Why LVDT have secondary windings connected in differential 1. Higher out put 2. Based on the out put voltage-/+, helps to identify the direction of displacement 3. To establish a null/ reference point

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the resstance of a thermistor is 5000 ohm at 25degreeC and coefficient is .04/degCel. A measurement with lead resitance of 10 ohm will cause an error of

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voltage of a ckt is measured by volt meter having an input impedence camparable with the out put impedance of the ckt Eror caused is 1. Gross Error 2. Errors due to lloading effect

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when the control mechanism is present for an ammeter(1-10A) and 1A current is apllied what will be the reading of the meter?

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The error in a single phase energy meter where pressure coil lags behind applied voltage by 88 degrees and pf is 1) upf 2).5lag

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The Q-facr o of a coil given as wL/R. what will be shape of Q versus frequency graph.



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a solar energy installation utilizes a three phase bridge converter to feed energy into power system through a transformer of 400v/400v.the energy is collected in a bank of 400v battery and is connected to converter through a large filter choke of resistance 10ohms.1.the maximum current through the battrey will be.2.the kva rating of the input transformer is.

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X is a uniformly distributed random variable that takes values betweeen 0 and 1.The value of E {X3}(x cube) will be.

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If the rank of a (5x6)matrix Q is 4, then which one of the following statements is correct ?

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An input device is interfaced with Intel 8085A microprocessor as memory mapped I/O.The address of the device is 2500H.In order to input data from the device to accumulator,the sequence of instruction will be

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