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FutureSoft SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Where do you assign the free goods procedure? Why do you do it for that only?


How do you maintain the free goods condition record?

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Whether Free goods should be determined or not for a Sales Order?

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What is movement type and what are the different types of movement types?

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What are the clients number of the srvers like sand box ,golden client,unit testing,integration testing,enduser trainning and prduction?

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Suppose sales order no is 1234 and it has alredy delivered and billed but they forgot to maintain freight? so here whether we have to raise a credit memo request or debit memo request against freight charge???

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In sales order what fields are mandatory????

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When you raise a sales order what field get filled by default??

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When you save a sales order what's the background process which takes place??

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