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FutureSoft SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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Explain a report that you recently did?

4 16259

Tell me MM related report that you have done?

2 8750

What you did in BDC?

6 13050

How do you do Recording and what will you do?

1 8745

Modes in Call Transaction?

5 10312

How do you handle in Call Transaction?

2 6829

How will you do in session method?

3 9479

What are the FM you used in Session method?

2 8692

How will you process the Session method in Background?

3 9615

What is Direct Input method?

2 14181

What you did in scripts?

3 10122

What you modified in Purchase Order?

3 6843

How you upload Logo?

6 10326

How do you check it out whether the Logo is added or not in your forms?

1 7582

"What is NAST Table, what it will consists?"

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