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FutureSoft SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is the difference between forward scheduling and backword scheduling???

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What is the difference between free goods and bonus buy?

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Define the Free goods and what are the types?

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What is free goods without item generation? How free goods are determined in the sales order?

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Item category determination for the free goods.

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Main item is out of stock but free goods item is in stock. I want to deliver the the free goods only if the main item is fully delivered. How do i control this?

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I want to deliver the free goods item in proportion with the main item. How do i control this?

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How do you define the free goods item category?

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How do you control the pricing of the free goods item

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How many types of free goods scenarios are there in SAP?

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What is the difference between the various scenarios of free goods?

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Explain the basic configuration of free goods.

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Can you give 2 different free goods with one main item? If yes then how do you do this in SAP?

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What is the standard access sequence for free goods in SAP?

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What is the standard condition type for free goods?

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