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Franklin Templeton Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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what are important steps to take during the conversion of an accounting system?

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What are the 3 Basic Rules in Accounting.

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what is mutualfund?

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what is a security?

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what is a share?

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what is the difference between fund manager and portfolio manger

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what is stock divient

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What is the treatment for PRELIMINARY EXPENSES?

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What is Asset& Liabilities? What is depreciation And define methods. what is BRS and when we can use . Explain Acconting concepts & principles. General entry for paybles. What is dividend?

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What is meant by debt fund.

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Principles of accounting with atleast one example for each.

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Give some reasons for disagreement of the balances between cash and pass book.

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Acquired shares of X company worth 100000, company declared 10% as dividends, but not paid to u. Now what entry u pass while purchasing those shares, what entry u pass when company declared dividents but not paid, and what entry u pass when u receive the dividend..?

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Rectification entries.

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Bank reconcliation statement.

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