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Franklin Templeton Interview Questions
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make 69 using 1, 9, 9, 3 operators +,-,x,/ are allowed numbers are not to be repeted

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make 4 using 1,1,6,7 operators +,-,x,/ are allowed numbers are not to be repeted

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4 black cows, 3 brown cows gives as much milk in 5 days as 3 black cows and 5 brown cows in 5 days. which colour cow gives more milk

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How many minimum links need to be cut in a chain having 23 links to seperate it into single links

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to write a number in words eg. FIVE requires 10 straight lines. what is the number which requires the same number of lines as that of the number itself

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2222-222-22-2 = ?

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1. 6 workers can complete a work in 48hrs, how much time it will take with 5 workers? 2. In 5 workers one has taken break for 8hrs how much time they will take to finish the work?

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25% of 12% of 4% of 1000 is ?

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