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Franklin Templeton ASP.NET Interview Questions
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1. What is Connection Pooling…? 2. Maintaining Sessions in ASP.NET 3. ASP.NET page lifecycle. 4. Can we store objects in sessions. 5. What is AJAX..? 6. Serialization/Deserialization. Why we use serialization and Deserialization…? 7. What are Arrays and Arraylist..? 8. Difference between Authentication and Authorization…? 9. Difference between abstract class and Interfaces 10. What is a view..? Does a view contain data..? 11. What are triggers..? 12. What are transactions..? 13. What is Metaview (oracle)..? 14. What is Inheritance..? How can we call a method from the base class..? 15. Can an abstract class have zero abstract methods..? 16. How to read from Message Queue..? 17. What is Metadata..? 18. You would prefer to have business logic in c# or DB Side..? Why…?

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