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EXL Interview Questions
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unforgettable movement in your life?

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what are the points includes in the question 'tell me something about you'?

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What is your achivment?

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why you interested in bpo job

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differentiate the BPO LPO KPO in detail

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When the interviewer asks "being a B.Tech graduate why do you prefer BPO ?", what should b my answer


Credit Purchase entry

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what is BRS and how it is prepared in BPO sector?? Please answer fast.....

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why u left yor last job

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why you swtichover that the company

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hai am madhu,i have to start preparation for BANK P.O, so plz sujest me how to prepare for that...and also give some information about G.D & interviews... and wat kind of questions they may ask.... plz help me... and my email ID is ""... and also give ur personal contact number if u don't mind....

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what are the setup required in p2p cycle as per India localization

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why exl


Where is Profit and Loss posted in a balance sheet?

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Un-Answered Questions

Describe the PCR contamination i.e contamination with degenerate primers?


Would we given training at first job (entry level)?


how can i check vortex shedder bar it is ok? if there is ohms condition are shown correct?


What steps do you take when you add a new company code to the already running delta datasource ? The datasource is already extracting specific company code delta data , so how will add new company code without disturbing delta


what type of questions asked for barclays technologies pune please send urgent


Explain the situation where you have applied SCD in your project?


How to get the recordmode D or A in changelog table when we delete or add records in DSO?


Why is it so that we can have virtual constructors but we cannot have virtual destructors?


Can anybody just suggest about the scope of Electrical design with ETAP software?Just guide me?


i=20;k=0; for(j=1;k-i;k+=j<10?4:3) { cout<


Can we Test Welcome Screens and Process Images with QTP


i am completed my degree(B.E EEE) 2014 anychance to get electrical licence plz help me


i am appearing in railway section engg. exam of chemical eng. therefore i want previous papers and study material of chemical eng.


How many instances of JobTracker can run on a Hadoop Cluser?


Give me an example of how you have planned projects from start to finish. What is your development lifecycle?


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