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EXL General Aptitude Interview Questions
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Classic: If a bear walks one mile south, turns left and walks one mile to the east and then turns left again and walks one mile north and arrives at its original position, what is the color of the bear.

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Un-Answered Questions

how to do the finalise of account? what is the step? why we need to do like that?


Providing and casting in situ cement concrete M-25 of trap/granite/quartzite/gneiss metal for rcc, Providing formwork,Curing the concrete and Complete. what is rate per Cum. and what is rate for M-30 Grade Concrete.


PREVIOUS AND NEW companies positive and negative points AFTER LIVING


what are adherent cells ?


Positioner usage.


what is the difference between Central Battery System and UPS in applications and uses? and why UPS suitable for Computers and central battery for emergency lighting?


Is there the dry coefficient of cement is constant?


tell about a type when u had to use ur presentation skill to influence someone's.


Is there chopping current in resistive circuit


What according to you is a job like at a call center?


Can any one send me the QTP Basic Coding Samples?


what is the variable and verticals of a firm or a consultency


How do environmental factors affect growth ?


Navigation to change the serial numbers from Shipping Transaction form.


Iin ESP why positive is grounded ? why not negative ?


EXL General Aptitude Interview Questions
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