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Enercon Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the ideal earth resistance

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2. What are the parameters of EHT sub-station?

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how do u calculate CT rating for 10 mva transformer

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what is physical distance of isolator to VCB in 33/11kv sub stations


how we test a 3 phase motor on single phase supply....? HOW WE RUN A 3 PHASE MOTOR ON SNIGLE PHASE. supply for testing..? how we verify of a 3 phase motors 6 wire & name thame a1/a2/a3..b1/b2/b3 and c1/c2/c3 for connecting star delta starter ........i have only 1 phase supply ? help forum..........

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what is the resultant phase shift in a 3 phase power system including neutral if on or more phases gets grounded or short circuited. kindly explain in detail for the reasons...

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what is the maintaining Cf in UPS.


while doing high voltage test on 11kv/433 distribution transformer why we only give 28 kv on hv side and 3kv on lv side for power transformers what is the value what factors it depends


coil is consist of

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How can we decide the fualt levels of sub-stations?

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what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.

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why sec of ct should be kept shorted

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difference between isolator and circuit breaker?????

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define as synchronous generator


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Enercon Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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