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Emphasis Informatica Interview Questions
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By using Filter Transformation,How to pass rows that does not satisfy the condition(discarded rows) to another target?

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i have n number of records in my source, i want first and last record to my target. how can u implement this scenario .

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,if we have single SQ in flow and we have router in which it has two group and we want to join these two groups with joiner ?is it possible?

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2,if we have 3 pipeline containing 3 targets and each target is connected with diff sequence generator ,let us assume first target is populated with seq no1-9,so what would be the number generated by other two sequence generator?what is the diff in o/p if when we use reusable sequence generator?what would be the diff if we place expression in between target and sequence generator?

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what is curr val use for in sequence generator?

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there is a mapping with expression and mapping we create some condition for insert and update and followed by update startegy ,can we update and insert on a single target based on condition?

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what is the necessity to use update strategy?(except for updates)

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What is the method of seperating unique and duplicate records in session level?

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