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Emco Interview Questions
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How will you process the Session method in Background?

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why transformer ratings in kva?

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why is trnsformer rating in kva

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if power plant is running at normal condition. at that time accidentally turning gear motor or bearing lift oil pump came into service menas what happen to the system?

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what is the difference between synchronous & asynchronous generators

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what are the parameters are selected while manufacturing a single cylinder block?what are the different kind of test is conducted on it so that it can withstand with all those condition which required to run the engine efficiently.which force is act when piston slide inside the cylinder.


My unit is a manufacturing unit and deals in Auto-parts and registered in Central Excise,Service Tax and Sales Tax. Now,we intend to import machines in the company for sale them in Local market.What procedures we have to follow for the aforesaid purpose?


What is static Device & Mechanical device? Is transformer a static device?

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what is diff. between earthing grid,earthing mess, earting grid?


at present how many 765 kv lines are there in india?

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why starter use to on a motor

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what is bms?

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What is i/e or o/p transmitter(ma/v)?

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What is zone,loop/fire alarm system?


What is ptw and write 3 types of ptw?

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A super elevation of 60 cm has been provided on a 8m wide road and a curve of 260m radius .calculate the max.speed in km/hr of the vehicle that can be negotiated safely? Plz answer with full solution.thanx


what happens to each of the three primary financial statements when capital expenditures decrease?


What was the most chlleging task you face while working in SAP FI/MM and how did you solve?


Why are the cores of large transformers built up of circular transactions ?


how the find ct mf and mf roll in metering


What and where are the policy statements for software project planning?


coordination should be an individual responsibility rather than the other insisting the coordination.justify your answer.


What are the things that one should consider for selecting a project for test automation? For example, stability, etc.


what is general accounting


what we have to read to gain knowledge in banking and financial domain(software testing) for 4+ experience


how to identify the cable quality and what is flame proof cable


what are the responsibilities as a call centre execuitive when we talk to the customer ?


what is PTP radio and PMP radio? give me elaborate description...plz


How do i automate a website without having any test cases witin a week time.


What is equivalent is 2004 cl 5


Emco Interview Questions
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