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EDS SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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How do you generate interactive lists in ALV?

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give example of sap memory and abap memory

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1)you are creating the table and with EmpID, Lastname and Zender(Male and Female) only the Male and Female data only should entered other data should not entered.

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how many type of index are there

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how do put the data in the application server in BDC

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what type of error exactly you will be seeing in the log file while using call transaction mode ā€˜Eā€™

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what type of error will be seeing in the log file in SM35

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How to Read long Text using Scripts

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How to reterive data from the data base using scripts with out touching the print program

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hi frends this is bala raju from pune.i want to know diff between 4.7ee and ecc 5.0.if possible give me brief explanation.this question was asked in EDS(tele interview) in pune bye.


In data element how many domains were defined?

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What is the difference between value table and check table?

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Types of windows and Difference between them in Scripts

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Elements of Main window and is Main window compulsory in Sap script ?

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EDS SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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