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EDS Accounting General Interview Questions
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what is Purchase Book & sales Book?


What is Balance sheet?

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what is , Purchase & Sales Return?

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What is the Purpose of Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement?

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What Is Depreciation, and from which date do we charge Depreciation for an asset ?

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Calculate the total Depreciation for four or five Years so give example?

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What is Debit Note & Credit Note?

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what is Finalization of Accounts?

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what is Profit & Loss Account?

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what is Assets & Liabilities ?

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Difference Between Revenue & Capital Expenditure Give an Example of each ?

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what is Cost of Goods Sold give example?

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Calculation of closing Stock give example?

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Calculation of Gross Profit Or Gross Loss give example?

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Sums on Finalization of Accounts give exaple?

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EDS Accounting General Interview Questions

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