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EDS COBOL Interview Questions
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In a program, variables are used but no DB2 involved in it. Can you call it as host variables??

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Hi All, Can anyone tell me how we can MOVE value of a X(19) variable to a S9(17) COMP-3 variable? Answer with an Example will be of great help.

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Hi All, how is sign is stored in S9(17) comp-3 variable. Answer with an Example will be of great help.

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88 class is used for

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how to access vsam files in cobol and how to differentiate that this is ESDS file

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wht is the use of evalute verb ? how do u declare recfm in cobol and jcl ?

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I have a table with 3 dimensions like this : 01 ws-table 04 ws-page occurs 3 08 ws-column occurs 2. 12 ws-record occurs 20 pic x(40). How to code with PERFORM varying with 3 dimension...I forgot..

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please..could u give an example about USAGE IS POINTER ..and explain why and when we use it ?


can we read in input the file with a variable length ? please , how ..could you help me ?

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EDS COBOL Interview Questions

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